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The general objective of this project is to strengthen the European collaboration within and between hyperbolic and kinetic communities in a set-up where people working in modeling, analysis, numerics, and applications cooperate. The time dependent partial differential equations considered occur in a wide range of models, from quantum physics to vehicular traffic. A particular objective of HYKE is to study rigorously the connection between different levels of precision in a model hierarchy. To this end asymptotic analysis by scaling limits will be a main objective, using a variety of modern tools for weak convergence and homogenization limits. The other main objective is numerical analysis for developing and improving algorithms for this kind of equations as well as numerical simulations for comparison of the mathematical results with the original model problem.

Primarily responsible for the choice, dynamic reassessment and execution of research objectives are the Scientist in Charge of the network (SiC), the COordinator (CO) and the Team Organizers (TO), assisted by theScientific Advisory Board (SAB). The SAB is a council of senior scientists, where each group sends one representative, resulting in a complementary, broad, and experienced advisory board. It cooperates with the SiC, who is the "head" by definition, in order to make strategic scientific decisions, in particular for a scientific reassessment of the project objectives before the midterm review.

The Participants expect that more than 200 publications will be produced by the members of the network each year.

A formal list of the 4 groups of project objectives, divided into 16 tasks, can be found in the "work program" below.

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